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European Universities Linking Society and Technology

Linking Science and Society

The National Technical University of Athens in cooperation with nine other leading Higher Education Institutions in the European Union, have initiated since 2020 the Alliance EULiST “European Universities Linking Society and Technology” that aims to be the central actor in a knowledge square where education, research, innovation and society come together in the shared production of knowledge.

EULiST intends to drive development of high quality, innovative course content, equipping students to face a future where technological and social developments intertwine. Flexible learning and modes of delivery will extend the reach of educational offers to a wider community of learners. Research and Innovation will address challenges identified by societal stakeholders, promoting involvement of new researchers and external actors.

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EULiST Mission Statement

Mission Statement Our Present - Your Future

EULiST at NTUA Researchers’ Night

The EULiST NTUA team participated in the heart of the fascinating event and attracted a great number of young researchers and students who were informed for the EULiST vision and its activities to the present.

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Latest News /Events

EULiST first Friday for Research

On March 1st, 2024, the 1st EULiST “Friday for Research” joint online meeting was successfully conducted within the Alliance members. More than 80 participants from the EULiST Member Universities attended the event in order to meet and generate ideas, promote scientific excellence and innovation capacity building.

Erasmus+ mobility and EULiST at NTUA

Erasmus+ mobility and EULiST at NTUA – Online Event

First presentation of the actions of the EULiST European University to the NTUA Community

In the frame of NTUA’s participation in the European University EULiST “European Universities linking Society and Technology”, an info event was successfully organised on December 19th, 2023, that served as the first official presentation of the recently funded EU project and its recent implementation activities.

NTUA within the EULiST European Community

The event “NTUA within the EULiST European Community” is an open session to the NTUA community aiming at a creative interaction towards a European university community without borders.

You are welcome to contribute!

Students, researchers and administrative staff are encouraged to contribute their ideas in order to shape the alliance!

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