EULiST partner Prof. Zbyněk Křivka at NTUA to give lectures and strengthen cooperation between BUT and NTUA

The National Technical University of Athens had the pleasure of hosting Professor Zbyněk Křivka/ Brno University of Technology (BUT) – Faculty of Information Technology (Czech Republic) at its facilities on 24-28/4/2023, invited by Assoc. Professor Ioanna Roussaki/ School of Electrical and Computer Engineering – NTUA.

Prof. Z. Křivka gave lectures on algorithms and optimisation under the post-graduate course of “Operations Management of the Techno-Economic Systems Masters Program”. Moreover, as BUT is a member of the EULiST University Alliance, he met with faculty members, students and administrative stuff of the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, School of Rural, Surveying and Geoinformatics Engineering and School of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, aiming at strengthening the cooperation between BUT and NTUA in EULiST. Common actions for students and faculty mobility between the two universities have been planned, while mr. Krivka took advantage of this opportunity to visit the NTUA Central Library.

Prof. Z. Křivka also met with members of the EULiST team of NTUA: Katerina Adam, Efi Dimopoulou, Ioanna Roussaki, Antonia Lambropoulou, Alexandros Iliakis and Vaso Thoma aiming, among others, at investigating new collaboration channels towards the adoption of innovative teaching and learning inter-university schemas, as well as promoting the work of the Digital Campus of EULiST, focusing on technical aspects regarding access, availability, integration and interoperability across the related systems already deployed across the 10 Universities of the EULiST Alliance.

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