NTUA within the EULiST European Community

Tuesday 19 December 2023 at 12:00 to 15:00

Ceremonial Hall of the Central Administration Building at Zografou Campus

The National Technical University of Athens, within the framework of its policy for internationalization and outreach, is an active partner since 2020 in the European University Alliance EULiST “European Universities linking Society and Technology”, consisting of 10 European Universities. In July 2023, EC awarded the Alliance the amount of 14,3 million euros to fund its new activities within 2023-2027 towards the achievement of its strategic goals.

EULiST aims to become an intermediary and generator of knowledge and innovation to solve global challenges, with a specific focus on climate change, digital transition and social cohesion, creating a student-centered academic ecosystem, integrating innovative educational methods and interdisciplinary research.

The event “NTUA within the EULiST European Community” is an open session to the NTUA community aiming at a creative interaction towards a European university community without borders. It will be held on Tuesday 19 December 2023 from 12 pm until 3 pm at the Ceremonial Hall of the Central Administration Building at Zografou Campus.

More info on the European University EULiST at the European website https://eulist.university/ and the local website http://eulist.ntua.gr/ .


NTUA Rector EULiST NTUA Scientific Responsible
Prof. Ioannis K. Chatjigeorgiou Prof. Katerina Adam Prof. Sotiris Karellas

Event Agenda

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